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Supersymmetry now constitutes a fundamental and indispensable part of modern theoretical physics and mathematics. It is now obvious that all more or less realistic elementary particle models should be based on this remarkable and fruitful principle, which has become an integral part of many fields of modern science. Many new terms and notions appear almost daily, making it difficult to store, use, and manipulate them correctly without primary reference. This situation presents considerable inconveniences (especially for students) and can lead to multiple meanings. The field needs to become more accessible, and that goal can be achieved by creating an encyclopaedic edition which would be intelligible to both non-specialists and professionals.

This encyclopedy of supersymmetric terms "Concise Encyclopedia of SUPERSYMMETRY" has been authored by a team of international contributors, all of whom are experts in supersymmetry and related fields.

We hope the encyclopedy will be of interest to supersymmetry researchers all over the world - both for students and established professionals.

Publication is expected before the next summer SUSY conferences, so the deadline is December 2002.

The writing and compilation of an encyclopedy is a collective work, and therefore we would be very grateful to you for your kind collaboration. You are welcome to send terms and/or articles which you wish to cover (remember to include your own terms) at your earliest convenience. Any comments and improvements at any stage of the work will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.