It is possible to send the submissions in two ways:

1) Using standard e-mail according to the rules below.
2) Using the form at the bottom of this page.


1) Desirable rules for automatic e-mail sending and replying.

a) To speak with editor - subject should contain "SUSY"

Example: Subject: SUSY 2000 question

b) To put entry - subject consists of only "putEntry"

c) To get list of already used terms - body is empty, subject contains "getUsed"

Used terms will be updated immediately after receiving a new term or information from a contributor that he will cover it.

d) To inform editor that contributor will cover terms TERM1, TERM2... body contains _only_ TERM1, TERM2..., subject contains "putTerm" which will prevent dublication

e) To get tentative list of all desirable to cover terms - body is empty, subject contains "getAll"



  2) Please fill in this form and push "Send..." at the bottom.  

Type or copy here your definition/article between
\begin and \end document (_without_ Latex header)



Thank you.
You will automatically receive the acknowledge of receipt.