Types of terms

  1) Short definitions till 1 page.  
  2) Articles till 2-4 pages.  
  3) Review article till 5-6 pages.  
  4) Historical/bio articles till 3-4 pages for introduction.  



Fields to cover
(including separately different dimensions, related fields and elements of corresponding non-susy subjects)

Quantum gravity
SUSY matrix models
Black holes
(SUSY) integrable models
(SUSY) quantum groups
Noncommutative geometry


  If you write about your original investigations you go directly along _your_ articles with spell checker and explain all terms which are not in general dictionary, e.g. BaKoMa, WinEdt or Scientific Word dictionary or so. In such a way that even an alien (but sufficiently mathematically educated) reader can understand all words, abbreviations and notions.  


  Lists of terms (daily updated)  
  1) Very tentative starting list of terms which are desirable to cover is in file allterms.txt (it includes both made as needed terms).  

2) Terms which are already taken for work or which have been already made are in file usedterm.txt.

  3) Terms which needed to cover in file needterm.txt.  

During preparation and making your choice please take into account the fact that the same term can obviously have different meanings in different fields/theories. Therefore, if you wish to cover a term which is very close to one from the listed in file usedterm.txt, but is not coincide with it or describes an object from different viewpoint or field, you are welcome to write and propose an extended and different version of your term or/and article.